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I think the message is clear enough for anyone who think 3 dimensionally. Depression, lack of sleep, fear, nightmares, childhood memories, destiny, various area of the mind such as the analytical, the clever, the inner child...

... all parts of the Id.

The clairvoyant, (if such a thing existed) would be a prisoner of their own mind. A prisoner of the past, present, and future. As such the clairvoyant would be unable to slumber, even though they desperately need it, as their fear of the prison of slumber would force them to feel as though they have to take drastic measures to stay awake... like self-mutilation and excrutiating pain.

As aforementioned... the message is plain to see, to those who can see it. :-)

Depression is a heck of a thing. Perhaps one should see a mental health professional if they are seeing and feeling such a way as this.

This could easily be the pilot episode to an entire series.

It could even get sydication... Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network might just eat this up with a spoon.

Whoa. I am rather speechless right now. That was one of the most amazing pieces of art I have ever watched. You and the crew you ran are phenomenal at flash. Great work.

ShawnBranden responds:

Thank you. The people that helped me with this were amazing. Not flash by the way. That's all pencil and paper compiled into toonboom :)

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There is nothing here I like about this. I fail to see the purpose of this, the artwork needs serious wourk, the music is annoying, and the sound effects are insanely loud.


Animation could do with a bit more work. Colission detection could be refined. Played the first level thought it was gonna be another crud game, but when got to second level Whoa the hardness factor went way up. decent flash game. refine it and resubmit later.

hallaby responds:

I'm not sure I've had this project on my hands for too long :P

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Do I hear the influence of Memories of Fanelia in there? Nice.

RasmusiBoy responds:

Thanks! Haven´t heard Memories of Fanelia, but yea, maybe a bit similar. =)

Sounds kinda Marylin Manson-ish. Go for it.

Nicely done. The drums could be a tad punchier though. They seemed a tad over powered by the treble.

AuruxBlu responds:

That's something that I am in the process of working on. Thanks for the input

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